We Are Committed to:

In 1985, Benefit Resources, Inc. (BRI) began providing employee benefit consulting services, claims processing for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) and Transit/Parking. In 2004, BRI added Cobra/HIPAA administrative services to our offerings. In 2014 web-based administration applications were added to meet their client’s needs.

Benefit Resources, Inc. (BRI) is a comprehensive Employee Benefits consulting and administration company. BRI will design, negotiate, deliver, and monitor high-value benefit plans that are competitive and cost-effective for you and your employees. We assist in communicating your benefit options to your employees enabling them to make informed decisions about their benefit choices.

We bring added value to your organization by performing more services for the same dollars you are paying today. We become part of your Finance and Human Resources organization.

  • Work with Core Benefit Advisors in designing voluntary employee paid benefit programs for their clients
  • Analyze current employee benefit programs
  • Recommend plans that complement employer’s current benefit offerings
  • Market voluntary insurance options selected by employers
  • Provide education and implementation of voluntary benefit programs selected.
  • Monitor plans selected performance
  • Make recommendations on plans not meeting performance standards
  • Provide administrative support with carrier/service provider problems
  • Review carrier/service provider contracts
  • Review plans for ERISA, DOL and IRS compliance
  • Keep clients informed of legislative and product developments
  • Allows employees and eligible dependents to pay out-of-pocket healthcare costs tax free.
  • Out-of-pocket healthcare cost include medical, dental, vision, hearing and prescriptions not reimbursed by insurance.
  • All employees including those who do not participate in the company medical, dental, vision plans are eligible. At the election of the company debit card is available for instant claim reimbursement.
  • Non-debit card claims processed weekly and paid by direct deposit or check to the employee participant. Account is generally funded by the employee only but the employer may also make contributions.
  • At the election of the company unused balances at the end of the year can be rolled over to the next year up to $550.
  • Employers and employees both save taxes.
  • An account where the Employer reimburses employees (and generally eligible dependents) for out-of- pocket healthcare costs tax free
  • A qualified Health Insurance Plan must be an available benefit option for the employee to select
  • Advantages to the Employer are greater flexibility in plan design and allows employer to purchase less expensive health insurance
  • Generally an HRA is offered in conjunction with a High Deductible Health Plan
  • Eligible out-of-pocket healthcare costs are defined by the Employer and may include medical, dental, vision, hearing and prescriptions not reimbursed by insurance
  • Because employees manage these funds, they seek out lower-priced alternatives for medical care, prescription drugs, dental care, vision care and other services
  • Debit card available for instant claim reimbursement
  • Non-debit card claims processed weekly and paid by direct deposit or check to the employee participant
  • Account is funded by the employer, employees cannot make contributions to the account
  • Unused balances can be rolled over each year at the election of the employer
  • Employer contributions are tax deductible and employee reimbursement is tax free
  • Allows employees to pay out-of-pocket qualified dependent care costs tax free
  • Expenses must be incurred to enable the employee and spouse, if married, to be gainfully employed
  • Qualified dependent generally is a child age 12 or younger
  • Debit card available for instant claim reimbursement
  • Non-debit card claims processed weekly and paid by direct deposit or check to the employee participant
  • Account is generally funded by the employee only but the employer may also make contributions
  • Unused balances at the end of the year cannot be rolled over to the next year
  • Employers and employees both save taxes

Benefit Resources provides comprehensive administrative services to insure your company complies with COBRA and HIPAA requirements. Benefit Resources assumes full responsibility for those services you select starting on the date our service agreement goes into effect.

Our Comprehensive web based COBRA/HIPAA Administration services include:

  • Review of current COBRA participants’ accounts for status and communicate takeover.
  • All notifications mailed within required time frame.
  • Provide customized payment coupons for each COBRA Continuant.
  • Collection and remittance of collected COBRA premiums within 10 business days of the end of the month.
  • Automated rate and benefit change notifications with new payment coupons.
  • Immediate notification to the employer of new election or termination information.
  • Online access for COBRA beneficiaries to review account status.
  • Online access for Employer to review qualified beneficiary status and payment history.
  • Employer reports available on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Minimum eight (8) year archival of data for ERISA compliance.
  • Technical assistance on questions regarding COBRA at no additional cost.
  • Toll Free Number – Toll-free Customer Service Center 8:30 am to 5pm (CST), Mon. thru Fri.
  • Guaranteed Pricing. Allows you to budget your administrative costs by knowing exactly what your fees will be on an employee, per month basis.

The Transportation Reimbursement Plan is an employer-sponsored plan which permits their employees to set money aside on a tax-free basis to reimburse themselves for qualified transportation expenses. Qualified transportation expenses are work-related parking and commuting expenses. In 2021, the maximum allowable parking benefit is $270 per month and the maximum allowable mass transit/commuter vehicle benefit is $270 per month. The two benefits can be used simultaneously for a total of $540 per month.

1. Mass Transportation/Commuter Reimbursement Accounts

  • Pre-tax up to $270/month or $3,240/year
  • Allows participants to order transportation checks or load transportation accounts through FlexTRANSIT using these pre-tax dollars

2. Parking Reimbursement Accounts

  • Pre-tax up to $270/month or $3,240/year
  • Accounts are set up as reimbursements where employees draw these funds out as needed

Commuter and Parking benefit funds do not expire unless you leave your company. These funds will continue to rollover month to month, year to year, as long as you’re still at the same company. However, when you leave the company, any unused funds in your account will be returned to the company.

What is an HSA?

A health savings account (HSA) is a tax-favored savings account created for the purpose of paying medical expenses.

  • Tax-deductible
    Contributions to the HSA are 100% deductible (up to the legal limit) — just like an IRA.
  • Tax-free
    Withdrawals to pay qualified medical expenses are never taxed.
  • Tax-deferred
    Interest earnings accumulate tax-deferred, and if used to pay qualified medical expenses, are tax-free.

HSA money is yours to keep

Unlike a flexible spending account (FSA), unused money in your HSA isn’t forfeited at the end of the year; it continues to grow, tax-deferred.

2021 HSA Contribution Limits, Deductibles, and Out-of-Pocket Expenses

2021 offers individuals and families additional opportunities to save for current and future health care with a Health Savings Account (HSA):

  • HSA holders can choose to save up to $3,600 for an individual and $7,200 for a family (HSA holders 55 and older get to save an extra $1,000 which means $4,600 for an individual and $8,200 for a family) – and these contributions are 100% tax deductible from gross income.
  • Minimum annual deductibles are $1,400 for self-only coverage or $2,800 for family coverage.
  • Annual out-of-pocket expenses (deductibles, copayments, and other amounts, but not premiums) cannot exceed $7,000 for self-only coverage and $14,000 for family coverage.
  Minimum Deductible Maximum Out-of- Pocket Contribution Limit 55+ Contribution
 Single  $1,400 $7,000 $3,600 $1,000
 Family  $2,800 $14,000 $7,200 $1,000

For more detailed information on HSA plans and taxes, visit the U.S. Department of Treasury website at www.ustreas.gov or www.hsacenter.com or talk with your tax advisor.

Benefit Resources licensed a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for benefits administrators and enterprises. Functionality includes Benefit Administration, 3D EDI Tool, and HRMS. The application is an integrated, easy-to-use cloud solution with sophisticated automation and reporting tools that makes managing human capital a breeze. Regardless of the size of your organization, you will be able to leverage a scalable, affordable solution that facilitates easy compliance with regulatory and legislative changes including ACA and HIPAA.

Why Choose Benefit Resources Administration Application

Aligns with strategic and business needs

  • Affordable, scalable cloud-based solution that grows with the organization
  •  360° View of unified employee data covering demographics, work and benefits
  • Real-time dashboard and custom reporting to enable more effective monitoring and decision making
  • Integrated modules that automates and streamlines workflow and saves time while ensuring data accuracy


  • Easy-to-use interface for administrators and participants/employees means high user satisfaction
  • Self-service employee online access for easy updates and to enhance employee communications
  • Mobile access for administrators and employees to perform tasks on-the-go

Flexible and Customizable

  • Flexible and robust – use all the modules or only the ones needed
  • Customizable (including white-labeling) and seamlessly connects to other 3rd party applications

World-class support and Infrastructure

  • Comprehensive 24/7/365 support gives access to the right resources on-demand including compliance experts
  • Guaranteed reliability and security with 2048-bit SSL certificate, two-factor authentication and 100% uptime

Application Features

  • Employee benefits administration
  • Employee benefits enrollment
  • EOI tracking
  • Health and life plans management
  • Life event verification tracking
  • OE handling and tracking
  • FSA and HSA functionalities
  • Custom and scheduled reporting
  • Benefits confirmation statement
  • Email functionality
  • Digital forms repository
  • COBRA elegibility reporting

HIPAA 834, 4010 and 5010 Reporting to Carriers

  • SSL protected SaaS-based tool
  • Over 70 carriers supported and growing
  • Outgoing file status monitoring with instant error reports
  • Predefined and custom tracking and analysis reports
  • File generation scheduling, encryption and automatic file transfers
  • Plan cloning